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Since June 1986, the date it was founded , The "MIDDLE EASTERN" center of non-invasive urology run by Dr. Yehia Ghaddar comprised the most developed medical equipments in the world.

The center was the first in the middle-east to acquire the “EDAP-LT 02 X” for Lithotripsy, one of the most popular and effective equipment in the world, for the NON-INVASIVE treatment of pebbles. Based on a double approach using the ECHO and X-RAY technologies to localize the exact position of the pebble in 3 dimensions, the machine transforms it into very small particles under 100% linear control.

EDAP - LT 02 X

This lithotripsy is 100% painless , doesn’t need analgesia. The technique is so efficient that the patient doesn’t need to enter the hospital and can directly go back to his work.

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  par LEC-EDAP-LT02

Always a head of others, in June 2003, the center has upgraded with the latest equipment in the prostate cancer treatment called EDAP-Ablatherm. This machine is the most powerful and High-tek equipment in the world destroying prostate cancer cells WITHOUT ANY SURGERY thanks to the HIFU technology (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), and until today the center is the only one that uses this technology in Lebanon and the middle east.

EDAP - Ablatherm

Also the center is specialized in other treatments (please review the services page)